“When someone asks if you’ve got a blog, you say YES!”

In the spooky spirit of the season, Ian, founder of KickSeat.com, suggested Ghostbusters as fodder for our October installment of Late Screening. I was quick to accept because 1) I’d seen the 2016 remake on a plane and hated it, and 2) it was one of the few films that sparked this joint moviegoing venture. If that’s enough reading for you, listen to the episode here:

Ghostbusters Late Screening: We’re Ready To Believe You!

I look forward to each Late Screening with Ian simply because, at the very least, by the time we finish watching the film and recording a podcast, I’ll have finally seen a movie I should have seen long ago. In the early days of our Late Screening show (before it even had a name), Ghostbusters sat atop the list as one of those movies. Whenever I revealed I hadn’t seen it, gasps and accusatory yelling ensued: “How have you not seen Ghostbusters?!” Typically the askers of that question spend the following seconds with their noses so high in the air, so my answer matters very little. The point, though, is that even if I dislike one of our cinematic adventures (see Close Encounters of the Third Kind), I still leave happy because I’ve checked another “must-see” movie off my list.


I completely expected Ghostbusters to journey one step beyond “I’m glad I watched it” into “…and loved it” territory, especially given my disdain for the 2016 version. The original must be a masterpiece, I thought. And my discussions with friends, coworkers, and friend-workers led me to believe exactly that.

ghostbusters 3

After the credits rolled, pangs of disappointment hit me. As I say in the post-watch discussion, I was so whelmed with Ghostbusters that I felt more excited about having seen it than I did about the contents of the film. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s many things in between, but it wasn’t the masterpiece I expected. Of course, as will all of our Late Screenings, you can listen to the full breakdown (featuring special guest Erin Maturo on this episode) on KickSeat.com. 

Next month, Late Screening brings you a double feature–two classic films! Stay tuned!