Spring Grove’s Richardson Adventure Farm boasts the world’s largest corn maze–it’s an amazing feat of…planting (?) that features 24 checkpoints. Find them all, solve the maze. Needless to say, we eagerly accepted the challenge. Of course, by “eagerly accepted,” I mean “mumbled to each other about how many checkpoints we should do before reluctantly entering the maze and accidentally stumbling upon our first checkpoint.” You see, the weather had just turned and the complexities of the maze looked foreboding:

2017 Corn Maze 12017 Corn Maze 2

Our attempt at corn maze navigation last year disappointed, so we tapered our expectations as we wandered up the baseball bat in the bottom left corner. About 15 minutes later, we’d reached the six whole punch stations within that section.



Driven by the thrill of finding the checkpoints, we all realized, without saying anything, that we planned to find every single one. From there, we found our bearings and started ripping through the maze. We charted courses through landmarks, plotted routes to pass groups of annoyingly slow maze-goers, and sped through the 18 remaining checkpoints with relative ease. Dylan, after a brief stint leading the charge, hung back to predict our future in the labyrinth with his crystal ball:


We solved the maze in about an hour, then talked about how great we were at mazes for another hour. Once we’d exhausted ourselves out of pure arrogance, we bought some fudge and explored the farm’s other activities. Erin’s favorite moment? Feeding this goat:


A 50-foot tower stood just in front of the corn maze, neighbored by myriad bonfires and, on one side, a roped-off area packed with pumpkin remains. Realizing what exactly had happened in the pumpkin massacre pile, we bought pumpkins and raced up the tower for a chance to hurl them violently at the ground below.


Of course, we caught it all on video:

Finally, as if to redeem failed maze-goers, the farm had a mini-maze with four checkpoints, some low-hanging rope borders, and signs that said “No jumping over the ropes.” Erin and I agreed to race through the mini-maze, no rope-jumping allowed. I immediately jumped over all the ropes and SMOKED her. I finished before she even touched the first checkpoint. Once again, but this time all alone in my victory, I talked about my maze-solving prowess for an hour.


As a group, we were endlessly satisfied that we finally got the corn maze experience we deserved. During the ride home, one of us even took a little reward nap.